Life on the lake can be deadly.

Elizabeth Strong put a bad man in prison.

He vowed to to kill her.

It all starts with Motive

Reading order:

Strong Motive Book 1

Strong Alibi Book 2

Strong Conviction Book 3

"Unique and creative plot to go with a interesting group of characters making this hard to put down."

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  • 5 Stars - Amazon Reviewer

    "I didn’t review the first two books, as I didn’t want to take the time before getting through them all. Thoroughly very enjoyable. Love, mystery, action. Great characters, descriptive yet not boring. I highly recommend this series to take your mind off what you need to. Great read."

  • 5 Stars - Amazon Reviewer

    "I really enjoyed this series! The books lead right into the next one without missing an beat!! Loved Elizabeth Strong and Angel Martinez!!"

  • 5 Stars - Amazon Reviewer

    "I don’t usually find books I can rate higher than a 3 or 4 star but this deserves a 5. I loved the steady action and suspense. I gave books 1 and 2 lower than a 5 as I didn’t like them being cliffhangers but overall the entire series deserves a 5. The characters r easy to like and very realistic and the plots were very good. I hope there will b a continuation of this fun series!"

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