A contemporary love story told through poetry...

Until I find you, my soul shall not rest.

My dreams forever be haunted.

K.C. Turner writing as Celia Sinclair

Follow the true diaries of Sinclair, a memoir written in poetic verse, sharing her deeply personal experiences on the quest to finding her person.

Book 1, Love and Other Company

Book 2, And Yet I Feel

Book 3, What Forever Feels Like - forthcoming.

"There isn't a woman out there who won't be able to relate to these words." ~ ARC reviewer

“Celia Sinclair’s transition from one feeling to another is smooth and skillful, and the despair gives way to anger and then inevitability. The stories woven through the poems are heart-wrenching but there was a ray of hope.” Cloie Belle Daffon for ReadersFavorite.com

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Celia Sinclair

Sinclair has been writing poetry since her first real heartbreak. Journaling nearly every experience thereafter, for years.

With her fair share of being in every kind of relationship imaginable, her debut poetry collection, Love and Other Company, is the beginning of her story.

But it isn’t close to being the end of it.

With her simplistic style, Sinclair shows us how it’s possible to continue after the heartache and love as much as we can with fragile force, while balancing the innate needs between human connection and a sense of self.